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Osho Dhyan Upvan is a Ashram for spiritual practices run by Osho lovers. Here the camps of meditation and samadhi, devotion, art of living life blissfully, go on continuously.

170 km west of Delhi,Swami Sanjay has established this Osho Dhyan Upvan located on the National Highway in the outside of Hisar city. Ashram is situated at a distance of 7 km. from Hisar Railway Station.

In this Ashram surrounded with greenery, Fruit trees, flower gardens, chirping of birds, swaying crops in the fields, beauty of the open sky, absolute silence,you can enjoy nature and enjoy the depths of meditation in an atmosphere filled with spiritual energy.

Osho Dhyan Upvan is a perfect place for spiritual practices with beautiful grand Meditation Hall,spacious living rooms equipped with modern facilities and delicious food. Seekers can enjoy here the spiritual aspect of their lives.

Glimpses Of Osho Dhyan Upvan

Osho Dhyan Upvan

Our Spritual Teachers

Swami Chandrashekhar Bharti

Senior Medical officer (Rtd.)

Born : 1953 in a village near Mukerian, Punjab

M.B.B.S from Medical College Amritsar in 1976. After completing his education, he served as a medical doctor for 32 years in Punjab state government hospitals. During college days, he got to read Osho’s book and reached Pune Ashram from Punjab wishing to meet Osho personally. There he took sannyas initiation from Osho on 22 May 1979. Along with the family life, the spiritual journey also started.He visited puna ashram several times to seek guidance and darshan of Osho.

He continued to do many spiritual practices throughout his life. Since 2003, he has been conducting many meditation,devotional and samadhi courses as an Acharya / spiritual teacher.

Swami Sanjay

Swami Sanjay is the founder of the Osho Dhyan Upvan. In 1997, Coincidentally he happened to read Osho discourses and became crazy about Osho.

To do the various meditation practices invented by Osho, he visited many places of the country, went to Acharyas/ Gurus, lived in their company and did the practices of dhyan, Samadhi, devotional sadhanas.

living life according the teachings of Osho and spreading them has become the aim of his life.

For last 25 years, he has been running various meditation centers. Presently,he is providing guidance to seekers in Osho Dhyan Upvan.

Ma Sanchi (Ma Renuka)

Place of Birth : Himachal Pradesh Education : Bachelor in Music and Singing (Graduate).

At the beginning of college education, Ma sanchi participated in the birth anniversary of Osho as a singer. After feeling the heartfelt connection with Osho, for many years various meditations, samadhi sadhanas go on till now.

For ten years, Yogacharya, Sangeetacharya, Dance teacher,Reiki healing teacher etc., she have been doing work for selfless service. Presently, with her husband Swami Sanjay, she guides the seekers as a meditation and spiritual teacher.

Being a nature lover, it is her spirit and meditation to befriend, take care and spend time with many kinds of animals along with trees, plants, birds

Osho Dhyan Upvan

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